Wednesday, April 11, 2007


I just started a new blog, The Accidental Gourmand, and had May, my SDCF, take a look at it. She enjoyed it but she preferred this one. It had more depth, she said. She said she was expecting a lot of entries now that I'm a mother. I told her I tried to write a really moving essay about my feelings now especially towards our little Bric but everytime I tried, all the words just become understatements.

Bric's entry into our life was long awaited and much prayed for. So when he finally came into our world, we, Boydee and I, were so overwhelmed. Just seeing him, sleeping, when he was just a few days old, warmed my heart. When he whimpered (that's how he cried before... oh so softly), my whole heart went to him. He was just so tender, so fragile, so small (at that time).

During the first mass Boydee and I attended after Bric's birth, we both cried profusely. God had been so good to us all these years. And now, He's given us more! He gave us the most beautiful gift. He entrusted to us for our care and love, this beautiful little creature, this baby, His son.

For the first few weeks, I was a paranoid mother. Any little thing that made him seem different, I would make a fuss and start praying my novenas to Sto. Nino and our Lady. It was a good thing Boydee was calm and stood as my pillar of comfort.

Now, at four months old, he's a picture of a healthy, happy baby boy! No more jitters (thank God!!!), no more eye infection, no more jaundice, no more colic! Still, I know as a mother, I will forever be worried of little things, and God knows that I am forever praying to Him to watch over Bric and keep him always safe from harm's way.

Each day is a day of discovery for him and for Boydee and me. How soon time flies and how fast he grows! At a month and a half, he showed off his social smile. At two months, he started trying to talk. Eversince then, he's been gurgling, cooing, laughing and making noises with his mouth, as if wanting to talk. He is just such an adorable, smiling, funny baby. My heart just goes fuzzy and it just melts at the sight of him. So, this is motherhood. So, this is happiness.


Elizza said...

another great writing, bang! motherhood is truly the best gift! you should really watch brothers & sister! super drama...there is never an episode that i won't cry....hmmm...hehe....maybe, as a mother, i can relate....:D

Rona said...

Wonderful wonderful writing, Bang! May is right......this blog definitely has more depth and feelings in it. (but keep the other one, too, for us shallow beings who like eating, hehehehe!)

And what you said about being understatements? All our feelings about our kids will always be understated. There are no words out there that can truly express how we really feel about our babies. :)