Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Macau, Days 2 & 3

Yesterday, we spent half the day in Zhu Hai, China. We crossed over the Macau-China boundary by shuttle bus, went through Immigration twice and shopped in Zhu Hai - Macau's answer to HK's Shen Zen.

Here, haggling is an art and a must. Haggling is done by who presses the lowest digit in the calculator. Hehe... Haggling brings out the fun and challenge in shopping but then, it does get tiring after a while. Anyway, favorite buys of that trip were our matching North Face jackets. I also got myself a NF backpack which doubles as a laptop bag. I can use this for those rugged outings. For Boydee, my favorite pick for him, was the Hugo Bass curdoroy jacket. The fit looked perfect on him! We bought PJs as pasalubong for our yayas and drivers; and for Bric, we bought PJs as well and 2 pairs of shoes. Fake Tiffany & Co. pendants were also where our shopping money went to, mostly for gifts. Then at 7pm, we all went back to Macau.

Today, we had lunch at an italian restaurant in Fisherman's Wharf; had several picture taking sessions. Then, Boydee and I went to Wynn's to have Mommy Nonie's Chanel watch fixed. The rest of them went back to Venetian. Boydee and I also dropped by the Penha Church which looked so inviting from the road. Nestled on top of a hill, it provides visitors with a view overlooking the city of Macau. The church itself was surprisingly small and simple despite the gothic edifice looking humongous from the outside. Perhaps a seminary was housed there? After a look-see, we went back to our hotel.

Back in the hotel, we decided to try our luck in the casino since we were in a casino hotel already. We played Black Jack and played with HK$1,000. After a few minutes, we were up by $1,500 so we decided to call it quits. As they say, 'Quit while you're ahead,' and so we did.

Now, we're lounging around our room waiting for dinner time. This has been a relaxing and fun vacation. Except that we're missing our Bric. But in a few more days, we'll be able to hug and kiss him again. For now, it's bonding time with Daddy, Mommy and Lola and the brotherhood and sisterhood, plus Agila and Mike. We're very fortunate to be able to afford this luxury to be able to travel together; luckier still that our family is a happy bunch and actually enjoy one another's company! It's like being in one big barkada, where it only takes so little to make each other laugh!

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