Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Flight of An Angel

It has been 5 days since I gave birth to our 2nd baby, 5 days since she lay on my chest, 5 days since we said our tearful hello's and then, it was time to say our goodbye's forever.

In the early morning of January 4, I had consistent hourly contractions from 4am til 7am. I decided I had better have myself checked just to be sure we, Boydee, myself, Bric and Yaya, were ok to fly back to Manila the day after. We've been in Cebu since December 30 to spend New Year with my side of the family. Mommy Nonie called Dr. Milagros Chan, a family friend and a veteran OB-Gyne, and she readily said she'd see me at 9am that day.

Mom, Boydee and I went to see her in her clinic. After a brief overview of my condition and looking at my records, she checked me and asked me to have myself admitted to our preferred hospital. I was apparently already in labor and was already 6-7 cm dilated. We rushed to Chong Hua Hospital, got myself admitted then I was sent straight away to the Labor Room. At about 11am, I was being wheeled to the Delivery Room getting ready for delivery. Even if River was breech, I was relieved that Dr. Chan decided to do a normal/vaginal delivery for me. I was also quite relieved that I would be delivering my baby in Cebu where everything is just easier since everybody knew everybody here. It was easier to request that Boydee be in the DR with me so we can baptize River when she came out.

At 1:26pm, River came into our world at 7 months in my tummy. She was tiny and didn't cry much. Dr. Chan allowed her to rest on my chest for a few minutes. Boydee was standing beside us, and in a second, we baptized her together. She was baptized River Uy Dizon. Forty four minutes later, she passed. She lived long enough for us to baptize her, long enough for us to see her and hold her, just long enough for me to say I am so sorry she didn't have a chance to live longer and normally, just long enough for us to say we love her and just long enough for her to feel the love of her parents.

River wasn't born with the perfect figure, nor the perfect face. Her condition didn't allow her to develop normally. But her spirit was most beautiful and her soul most pure.

Her condition may have brought us much sadness, confusion and was such a trial of our faith but it also brought us closer to one another and to our families, and most especially deepened our faith in God. I believe we made the right decision in choosing life over death when we lifted all to God and gave Him the decision as to when and where to take River away. He couldn’t have chosen the more perfect day and place.

River would have been surrounded and showered with so much love here on earth but God intended for her to be with Him in heaven. Her beauty was not of this earth and her mission was not to live here with us; but to watch over us from above in the company of God, as our little angel.

River was cremated last January 5 at the Cebu Rolling Hills with her Mamalyn and Mama Rona as witnesses.

They say a soul goes to heaven three days after he or she breathes her last breath. River would have already taken flight by now and hopefully, is in the protective care of her Mama Mary.

We are most blessed to have an angel-daughter, and Bric, an angel for a sister. Til we meet again, River. Bring our love with you to heaven and watch over us. I miss you so much!!!


Nongnong said...

The story of River would never fail to shed some tears to those who would hear about it. I am glad everything is finished. I am glad that it was finished in the way God wanted it.
Just to affirm what you had done, it was a response to the invitation of God to love life. That truth had always been in the life and prayer of the Church where we all belong.We must never doubt in spite of the odds and challenges being thrown against it.As long as we truly love and believe, we will never go wrong. As always, with that very brief moment you had with River, God is always right!

God bless River.
God bless you both.
God bless all those who never doubted.

Rona said...

still wiping tears whenever I read or tell River's story. you and Boydee are pillars of faith, and River's journey into this world is proof of that.

I don't know if I would be strong enough in your situation, but you both have provided a LOT of inspiration.

Nongnong said...

Just would like you to know I made a reflection in honor of River in my blog. ( For purposes of anonimity, I named her "Fountain".