Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hello Again Macau!

We're back in Macau, the whole gang of us Dizons "adults" plus future Dizon, Zhar, and Lola Nene. This time around, we're spending four days in Macau instead of just a day trip when we were last together in March 2007 for Mommy Shalene's birthday.

Today is Day 1 and it's been an easy and tiring day. I've disrupted my sleeping schedule because we had to wake up at 4am today to make it to our 8am flight. Upon arrival, we took the hydrofoil to Macau. It is great how the cities of HK and Macau are very forward looking especially in developing its tourism industry. From the HK Airport, we can now go direct to Macau via the Ferry without the inconvenience of having to drag our luggage all over. We simply hand the Ferry staff with our baggage claim tags and then they get it for us and bring it with the hydrofoil. When we get to Macau, we claim our luggage with the same baggage tags. We didn't even have to pass through Immigration in HK. Really, really convenient. Kudos to our tour leader for this trip, Rondic, for making the travel arrangements and leading the pack! :)

When we got to Macau, we headed straight to the Venetian Shuttle where we were taken to Venetian. This hotel is just soooo huuuuggeee!!!! So huge and populated, in fact, that going around the lobby towards Bambu, the Asian Buffet outlet where we had our late lunch, felt like being in a marketplace with ambience. The hotel was just so full of people!

I thoroughly enjoyed our late buffet lunch of roasted goose, pork herb soup, chinese noodles, black pepper beef, and sweet and sour fish. Not too good were the sio mai and ha kaw. Despite a few let downs, it was still a good and full lunch with the older Dizon couples (Ate, Japa, Rondic, Lai, Boydee and myself) sharing shallow jokes and laughing heartily because we were all just too full.

After several minutes' wait in Dad and Mom's colossal suite room, our rooms were ready and we all headed to our respective sleeping quarters. Our rooms are luxurious, spacious and ostentatious. What's best is the FREE wi-fi internet access! At least, we're not cut off from the rest of the world.

Boydee and I spent our idle time watching the championship round of the Australian Open which saw 2 great future tennis players, Serb Novak Djokovic and a very promising and charming French player, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. While Novak won the trophy (his 1st grand slam and the 1st Serb to ever win a Singles Grand Slam Tourney), it was Tsonga who won the hearts of the Aussies. His game was very fresh, 'free' and fearless. A lot more is in store for this new 18th seed.

I got hungry after the match so after a call to Ate, we all went down for dinner at the food court. We strolled around the Grand Canals Shopping Center and ended our day at Dad and Mom's room to decide what to do the next day. Once decided, we all went to our rooms one by one or two by two, actually.

It is now 12:40am of January 28. It is time to call it a night. We just finished Day 1 of our Macau trip. Tomorrow is Shopping day at Zhu Hai. Gotta rest so we can have the energy to shop, shop, shop!

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