Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Coming of the Relics

The pilgrim relics of St. Therese of the Child Jesus is coming on January 15-March 13 and her first stop will be the Shrine. We're part of the Steering Committee although Boydee and I were only able to sit in this late in the planning because we were in the US for a month. Thanks to Japa for filling in for us and representing MVC with Mario and Allan.

As the day draws near, we are cramming to do what else needs to be done. For one, the merchandising opportunity had been overlooked so today, we met with Nora and Elma to discuss what souvenir items we can sell so that the possible profit can at least defray what we are about to spend. We realize that it won't really cover our expenses but what little help we can give will go a long way. It's still better than nothing. We just hope we can sell all our items.

Tomorrow, we will meet with Father Ernie, vice rector of the Shrine, to suggest and discuss possible activities for the Shrine while St. Therese's relics are there. We want to at least be secure that a lot of people will visit her there. Brother Froilan Torres is helping us with the activities - from the conceptualization to the execution. We hope Fr. Ernie approves of our proposal.

TV and print ads are already in place with fliers and posters to follow.

We hope and pray her visit to the Philippines will be a success in the sense that a great number of people's faith will be renewed and rekindled. If even just one person will be inspired to do good things and affect others because of her visit here, then the trip will not have been in vain.

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Nongnong said...

Merry Christmas!

Some unsolicited advices for the relics. In as much as the "Shrine" is within the jurisdiction of the Archdiocese of Manila (even though the church belongs to the Military Diocese), it will be good to inform if not coordinate with the Archdiocese. I do not know if Bishop Tumulak had already talked with Cardinal Rosales, but it will be good to provide the Archdiocese with the activities for information. The involvement of the Archdiocese may be determined by the organizers. I believe that the promotion will be better, easier, and broader if the archdiocese would be involved. Announcements in parishes can easily be done if the cardinal can issue an announcement. We can also help you by covering it over radio veritas (where Fr. Anton is President.)