Friday, August 10, 2007

Pregnant Again!

Last July 4, I invited Boydee to witness my pregnancy test, just the basic P99 per box Medic pregnancy test kit. I had a feeling I was pregnant because I was just so hungry for sleep. Imagine 10 hours a day!!!

So, there we were by the bathroom sink. A few drops after, the test registered two lines. We were stumped! We looked at each other with mixed emotions and Boydee said, "You're pregnant!!! You'll be a mommy again!" I didn't know how to react that time. I was just so surprised that it came to us that soon, that easy. Dr. Artenos said we could try making a baby within 6 months to a year. On our 6th month, I texted Dr. Mitch if we could start trying. She said, "ok". Little did we know that we'd get it on our first few tries.

I was quite scared for my stitch more than anything else. I wanted to go for a natural child birth, the second time around, but if I gave birth this soon, would a natural delivery be possible without my scar giving in? How could I give equal attention to Bric and our new baby?

After a visit to Dr. Mitch and several "interviews" with Moms who had c/s operations and kids right after, I felt a little more comfortable with my pregnancy. They reassured me that no harm will happen to the baby inside me, and that no harm will keep to me. The worst thing that can happen is for my scar to tear in the latter part of the pregnancy when I'm just about full term. I just have to be carefully monitored during the last trimester.

Worries put aside, I am happy and excited for the next baby. We pray God will gift us with a baby girl this time around. Then, perhaps, Boydee and I can rest in that department.

This pregnancy came so fast, so soon. We are still quite amazed at how God has blessed us. Every once in a while, I worry if something should go wrong. But I am comforted. God has willed it that we be sent another angel in our lives, who are we to question His will? We can only be very grateful and trust that everything is according to His plan. We are but His instruments. I know He will be with me, with us in this interesting phase in our lives, just as He was so present when I was carrying Bric in me.

We will continue praying for a normal, healthy, complication-less, safe and happy pregnancy and delivery; and for a normal, healthy, strong, happy, beautiful (if girl, hopefully, please let it be a girl.... hehehe...) or handsome (if boy), intelligent, kind-hearted baby who will grow up enjoying God's friendship. We also pray that Bric and Baby 2 will get along. Amen! :)


Zharmagne said...

Awaiting with excitement!! I can't wait to see another bric from you guys!! Congrats again!

Elizza said...

Can't wait to see BB--Baby B! hehe! :D Praying for you and your baby always!

Rona said...

Yahooeeey!!! Hoping for Baby Brooke too! :)