Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Happy Birthday Love!!!

It was a Mexican Fiesta themed party we threw for Boydee as he turned 37 yesterday. As is typical of our family, nothing can spoil our spirits for as long as there's good food and great company. So, when the rain started pouring on the poor jet-lagged lechon that we flew in from Cebu, we decided to move all the dishes which was set up in the tent in the garden to the Lanai area. So, our Mexican hats and my precious food labels didn't achieve their purpose! But as I said, it was still fun as we all gamely dressed up in ponchos and cowboy costumes and Tito Lito's cooking weaved all of us into a Mexican spell!

Our buffet table consisted of the following:
Rejy's Seven Layered Dip
Nachos w/ 3 Kinds of Salsa-Tita San's, Jack's and Mango Salsa (the latter 2 bought in the US)
California Mango with Shrimp Paste
Quesadilla with Meat from the LV kitchen
Quesadilla from the LV kitchen
Taco Salad by Tito Lito
Rondic's Chicken Wings ala Hooters
Shrimp and Chicken Fajita by Tito Lito
Balbacua by Tito Lito
Mexican Rice by Tito Lito
Lechon de Cebu from Rico's, my supplier in Cebu
Tocino del Cielo from Des Rodriguez - discovery of Lai in Salcedo Village Market
Caramel & Brownie Bars from the LV kitchen
Lemon Torte from Rod & Zhar
Cherry Cheesecake from Anabelle

Of course, after seconds and third helpings, we were all stuffed. Then we sang Happy Birthday to my dear hubby. A few hours after, we called it a night.

I have to thank those who helped in their own little and big ways in staging the themed party. So, muchas gracias to Tito Lito for efficiently and generously sharing his culinary talents as he whipped up the dishes for our feast and downloaded Mexican songs as if a real Mariachi band were playing; to Rejita for her yummy dip and for her artistic skills in painting the hats and decorating the tent; Zhar, Rod, Raegan, Raine and RJ for painting the colorful, festive hats; Elizza and Zhar again for buying all the materials needed for the decors and for being excited about the theme; Rondic for cooking the chicken wings which was a huge hit!; Mommy and Boydee for shopping for the ingredients needed from the US and bringing them here; the LV staff for helping out; and all our guests for the gifts and being part of Boydee's celebration.

Lastly, I can not thank God enough for the gift of Boydee in our lives, in my life!!! I thank Him for making him the way he is; and for choosing, of all the billions of people in this world, him to be the man I should spend the rest of my life with, and with whom I would raise a family with.

To Boydee, I love you. That simple word sums it all up for me, love. My heart is yours to keep forever; my whole lifetime is devoted to you and our children for always. Thank you for being born for me and making my life a kaleidoscope of beautiful memories and experiences!

P.S. Boydee and Ate Rona share the same birthday, so.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU TOO ATE RONA!!! WE LOVE YOU!!! Ate spent her birthday in the States so she wasn't here with us to celebrate. She would've LOVED the Mexican spread here. WE MISSED YOU!

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Elizza said...

As always, GREAT party! Thank you for the yummy mexican feast! Happy birthday to kuya!