Sunday, October 22, 2006

Winning and Losing in Las Vegas

Spent 4 days in Las Vegas courtesy of Tita B. Went with Mommy Shalene, Tita B, Roc, Rondic and Elizza. Initially, I didn't want to go since I wasn't sure what Las Vegas had to offer to a non-gambler like me. I thought I would just be stuck in my room playing Fairies in my laptop or reading a book. Left without a choice since my brother, Ahia Jojo, lived too far away and also didn't want to inconvenience him since Gladys, his wife, was due to give birth any time soon, I packed my bags and went with the Las Vegas (LV) entourage, with the coaxing of Lai and Roc.

So, off we went on a Thursday (Oct 19) with a few stops in between - for wee wee break and for shopping. Finally reached Las Vegas in time for dinner at the Noodle Shop of Mandalay Bay. Most of us went straight to the Slot Machines after. I did too, trying out my luck. They say pregnant women are lucky... Not in my case.

By the second day, tried my hand at Black Jack with Rondic and Roc. This proved a better game for me. The slots literally just sucked in all the money I put out. By the end of the 2nd day, my losses were cut from $150 to only $50.

Decided to go on an adventure by my lonesome and watch La Reve, a performance by Cirque du Soleil on that Friday night. Ticket was at $99. Staged at Wynn's, it was an awesome performance. Fabulous production, beautiful costumes, jaw dropping sets and choreography. It was an overall great show. Well worth every buck!!!

Took a cab from Venetian where everyone was to check in for and meet up with Val, Ram and Ryder to go to Wynn's and back. My first ride on a taxi by myself too in Las Vegas. Going to Wynn, the taxi meter registered $4.95. I took out $10. The cab driver asked with a semi Spanish accent: So how much change should I give you? Thinking he didn't have 5 cents with him, I thought myself generous and told him proudly to "oh, just give me 5 dollars. You can keep the 5 cents." To his and my disappointment, he goes back, "But you have to give a tip to the driver, you see..." still with his funny accent. I was taken aback by his forwardness and my ignorance. I didn't know tipping taxi drivers in Las Vegas was a standard thing. So, I told him to "just keep a dollar and give me $4 back." And that was my baptism of fire. He drove away fast right after... I think he wasn't too happy. Hehehe... When I relayed this story to Mom and Roc, they laughed so hard...

Saturday was both a lucky and unlucky day for me. This is the winning and losing part. All bets were on Black Jack hoping I could get back my $50. The night before, I talked with Boydee and he gave me some tips. He also said, 'that's why people lose money in the casinos, love, because they always think they wanna recoup their losses.' He couldn't have said it more accurately. That day, I lost $200 more. I stopped then and promised that the next time I come back, it will be with Boydee and we had to recover the $250 I lost for us. Hehehehe.... That afternoon, I went back to the room to stay away from temptation. Then I realized I lost my red pashmina Mommy Nonie gave me!!!

I hurriedly went down and looked for Roc and the rest. It was also Tita B's time for her "Show me the Mummy" Slot Tournament. We watched her first and gave her support before proceeding to search for my dear pashmina. I was praying hard. That shawl had sentimental value. What an unlucky day! First I lose $250 then I lose the pashmina. Wahhhhh :(

Anyway, Roc and I proceeded to ask the pit bosses and the dealers we sat on and they all didn't see my shawl. We decided to go to the Lost and Found station and lo and behold, my red wrap was there!!! Roc and I heaved sighs of relief. We found it!!! Nevermind the $250, we can win them back (hehe... or not... hehe) but the pashmina was irreplaceable because of its sentimental value. That one you can't buy back nor win back.

That same day, Lai also apparently left her bag on the slot machine chair to play Black Jack. When she realized her bag was missing, she literally ran (for a pregnant woman, that is very hard to do! Believe me!!!) back to the slot machine to look for her bag. Luckily and thankfully, it was still there. Two miracles in an afternoon!!!

That day, despite my loss, I knew I still won. Really!!! What are the odds that lost expensive and important things could still be found and not stolen? Back home in the Philippines, the chances are just so dim. Here in Las Vegas, we found what we lost. So, I may have lost on the betting but I won back my trust in honest people. And that is a far more wonderful thing.

The next day, we were all set to go home, of course, with a few stops for weeing and shopping again. It was a fun trip to Las Vegas. My wallet was a little lighter but my suitcase of fun memories just got a large filling. Indeed, Las Vegas is a city that NEVER sleeps and offers so many things even for a non-gambler like me. Next time around, I'll watch more shows, take the gondola ride in Venetian, visit more hotels if only to look at their nicely decorated themed lobbies, and maybe, just maybe, play Black Jack again. Hopefully, my next trip, I'll already have my hubby in tow! That will make the trip two times better!!!


redscrapper/elizza dizon said...

definitely a fun-filled trip! you might change your mind about the upcoming trip... :D

Rona said...

cool adventure Bang! And La Reve was THE most awesome show ever, wasn't it!!! Super galing!

And love your comment on winning back your trust in people. Good to hear :)

Rona said...

btw, no scrapping?!?!?!? shock of all shocks!!!

Anonymous said...

Vegas? I would love to go there with all there big machines. unfortunatley i cant afford the trip so im bound to play online slot machines for now.