Monday, October 16, 2006

Seeing the Sign

Faith is anchored on the unseen.

As the Little Prince said, "One sees clearly only with the heart. Anything essential is invisible to the eyes." And so it is with our faith. Much of it is rooted in our hearts. We do not see God, but we know He is there because we feel His love. We see Him through other people and everyday miracles. And for the most part, that is enough for us. But there are instances when we need a confirmation that He is listening to us, that what major decision we are about to make is one that has His stamp of approval. And so we ask for signs.

Our past week in Glendale was spent searching for the right Obstetrician for me. Being my first pregnancy, it was essential that we find a good one and one I was comfortable with. My sisters-in-law's doctor, Dr. Chan, would be on leave at the time I was scheduled to give birth so having her was out of the question.

Initially, we had four choices. 2 male doctors in Glendale Adventist and 2 female doctors in Verdugo Hills Hospital. The first male doctor was antique-looking. He was old enough to be my grandfather (or at least that's how he looked) so that basically left me with the other male doctor, Dr. Artenos, who was recommended by Dr. Chan. The 2 female doctors were recommended by cousin Valerie and Mommy Shalene's friend. We scrapped the 2nd doctor since she had only been in practice for 2 years. Experience counts a lot for us. So the choices were now narrowed to two-Dr. Artenos and Dr. Nelson.

For several nights, I included in my novena intentions a sign from God to lead me to a good doctor. I prayed that I may find an image or picture of any kind of Sto. Nino or Mama Mary in the clinic of Dr. Chosen One.

My first appointment was with Dr. Sharon Nelson on the day of my birthday. I thought she might be the one since it coincided with my birthday. The visit went well, she was friendly and knowledgeable enough and came by highly recommended by her staff. But there was something missing. I didn't see the sign.

I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Jon Artenos and was given the Thursday of that week. On that day, I continued to pray. While waiting in his clinic, I scouted around for the sign. I looked in magazines, stared a bit at patients who may be holding on to prayer books, peeked in the secretary's area hoping to see an image. I saw none. The closest was an angel statue.

Feeling slightly disappointed, I thought perhaps God didn't want to give me a sign. Perhaps He wanted me to make a deliberate and intellectual decision. Just as I was resigned to that, the assistant called us in. She led us to his office and seated me and Mommy Shalene on the 2 chairs in front of his desk.

While waiting, I looked around. The moment I looked in front, I was jolted by the small picture hanging on the wall behind his desk. It was Mama Mary carrying the baby Jesus in her arms. I asked Mom if that was Mama Mary and she said yes.

I was teary-eyed. There was the sign I was praying for. Who'd have thought the sign would come so clearly and so up front?!? I was so touched by His love. In a few minutes, Dr. Artenos walked in and everything went smoothly. After the meeting, we stepped out of his office and scheduled my first official consultation with him.

I found my Doctor that day. Little did he know that we've already chosen him even before he stepped inside. God led me to him. I saw the sign. But more than anything, I saw and felt how awesome God's love for me and for the baby is. No matter how unworthy I may be, and no matter how many billions and trillions of people there are praying to Him, He gives each one of us our own time, our own little miracles. He's telling us He is there, He is listening and we will never be alone when we have Him and our faith in our hearts. We just have to notice and see the signs.

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Rona said...

God is everywhere! Even a MALE ob-gyne's clinic! Hehehe. And I thought you had closed your mind to having baby Rafael being delivered by a guy :)

God's ways are mysterious, indeed. I am glad though that He had give you His sign...which I know makes you all the more relieved!