Sunday, June 03, 2007

Yaya-less and Loving It

Today, Yaya Mila went on her day-off to be a wedding godmother to a friend. She left at 9:30 after she fed Bric breakfast and bathed him. I told her I'd be the one to feed him milk and put him to sleep so she can make it in time for her 'date'.

I was actually dreading this day when I would be alone and yaya-less. Boydee went to Taiwan to attend the JCI Asia Pacific Conference and will be back on Monday. I was tempted not to let Mila attend the wedding but at the same time, a small part of me looked forward to having Bric all to myself. Still, the past days, I was hounded by doubts on whether I could handle Bric through an entire day. I had prepared a back up plan of hanging out in Apitong where Yaya Jen and Yaya Dee could watch over Bric, to which Lai readily agreed. (Thanks again, Lai!) Then, there was the idea of letting Zenie and Vicvic substitute as yaya. Boydee also suggested letting Marlyn take over for awhile.

But all the plans were shelved in favor of Bric. I am his mother, I have managed to be without a yaya when he was a baby, and what is a day without a yaya anyway? If we survived the States, what more in the Philippines where family and help is just an intercom away? So, it was me and Bric on this lazy Sunday.

Our routine consisted of eating, sleeping, playing, doing visitation rounds to the family members who are here, watching his Praise Baby vcd, and lots of kissing and carrying. In times when I have to eat upstairs in the dining room, or shower, Yaya Zennie or Irene take over. Today, Bric's been in the arms of Lolo Lito, Yaya Dee and Yaya Jen and under the watch of Raegan and Raine. We've also played with Robyn who was here for a few hours.

It is now 5:15 in the afternoon. At around 6pm, I'll be feeding Bric his solids for dinner. So far, so good. I am actually enjoying our 'us' time, our Mommy and Baby bonding. Thank God Bric is such a happy, no fuss baby. Thank God there are so many people here to help out.

There should be more days like this! I am yaya-less, and I'm loving it.

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Rona said...

Yes, good thing Bric isn't a handful....yet. hehehehe. Treasure these mommy-baby moments..they'll go by so fast, you won't know what hit you! :)