Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Inspiration of Love and Strength

Daddy Boy slid in the shower yesterday while the rest of us were having dinner. We all rushed to the bathroom and saw Dad sitting by the shower, the glass wall and door, cracked and shattered. Thank God he was alright but we were all scared and nervous, Daddy included. After that, Daddy smiled and Mom said thank God his guardian angel was watching over him.

I watched over Dad while he was having dinner in the room. We talked and laughed about our love stories. I guess this was one of our bonding sessions. While Daddy slowly worked his way through his dinner, I realized that right before my eyes was a survivor, an inspiration of strength. Here was a man who had undergone 4 major, life-threatening operations and lived to survive them all. Here was a man whose physical body has been weakened by the passage of sickness and ailments but whose spirit, will to live and faith in God remain intact and strong. He has weathered so many storms but here he was, chewing the okra and baked salmon and sipping his chicken macaroni soup, a smile in his eyes as he retells how he courted Mommy.

In a few minutes, Mom went in the room and Daddy's eyes lit up. Daddy's inspiration just walked in the room :-)

Mom's role is not an easy part to play. She, too, is an inspiration of strength. More than being physically strong, having to take care of Daddy and his needs, she is also strong emotionally as she gives Dad reasons to fight for his life and live while putting up a brave front even when the situation is hard to bear; she is spiritually strong as she lifts and entrusts everything to the Lord and her roster of Saints, knowing and believing He is constantly by their side, even if the trials become too complicated. She is strong in will, having to force herself to say no to Dad when he asks for things (particularly food!!!) that are bad for him when it would have taken so much less trouble to say yes. When I look at Mom, I can only wish to possess even half of her strength.

Dad and Mom... they're inspirations of strength, individually. Together, they are an inspiration of love. Being married for 38 years, having gone through ups and downs, raising 5 children, seeing them get married (waiting for 2 more sons to follow suit...hehehe), pampering grand kids, helping others, facing challenges... their love has only grown stronger. More than that, their love has grown bigger as they share this love to those around them and inspire us and others to love like they do by their example. We are only so lucky to be witnesses and recipients of this love.

As I spent time with Dad and Mom in the room, I couldn't help but feel blessed. Back when I was younger, I was a daughter to a couple who loved each other so much. When God took my Daddy away, Mom's love went with him since Dad was my Mom's one true love. Back when I was much younger, God gave me a chance to be pampered and loved by a father who was generous, loving, funny and oh so patient with me. His memory will always be in my heart.

Now, God has blessed me with another set of parents whose love for each other is just as great, and just as true. He gave me a second father, too. Indeed, I am two times lucky in one lifetime. I only have God to thank for these bountiful gifts.

I hope one day, some day, Boydee and I will also be an inspiration of love, just like Daddy Victor and Mommy Nonie, just like Daddy Boy and Mommy Shalene. And whatever trials may come our way, I hope we could emulate our parents' example of strength, resilience and most specially, their faith.


redscrapper/elizza dizon said...

bang, this is beautiful! truly they are an inspiration...and not only are we lucky that we were given great in-laws, we are lucky to be married to wonderful husbands who has the same faith as their parents...

Rona said...

I am CRYING here!!!!! Bang, this is SO beautiful! Thank you for putting this in words....difficult for us to do, but you put is so poignantly. Thank you thank you!!! **wiping my eyes now**

Oh, and do you think I can use this entry for a layout? :) hehehehe.