Sunday, July 12, 2009


After months and maybe even years of prodding from my hubby, sisters and friends, I've finally decided to join the bandwagon and open a facebook account. My anti-social and seclusion days are over and I am now "public property".

I just signed up a few seconds ago and what's supposed to take just a few seconds became quite longer since I still had a few doubts. Boydee was beside me, continuing to coax me to join. I think he's only after my new ingredient if I sign up in Restaurant City. Bwahaha...

But I am sort of convinced of it being a way of keeping in touch with friends old and new. When I left for Japan (Nagano), I made a few good friends. I couldn't just email every bit of little news that would happen my way right? That's when I realized Fb is a good way to keep in touch and be updated. As Grace Ang said, you already have a topic of conversation, an ice breaker if you're friends in facebook and you see each other. Good point!

So, add me... Let's be "friends". hehehehe...

Profile name: Olivia Lynn Dizon :) hehehe

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