Wednesday, June 03, 2009


We're here in Nagano, Japan where Boydee's Conference Chairman of the Nagano Asia Pacific Conference 2009 of the JCI. I'm technically the "first lady", sort of. And the Japan COC has really been taking good care of me, of us.

This afternoon is the Opening Ceremonies. I had my hair done at the salon. Costed me ~P2,100 for hair alone!!!! I decided to do my own make up to save on an additional P1,250! Imagine! So, salon is only for the opening and all th rest, I shall manage. That's a deduction from my shopping money. (as if I have any... hehehe)

Nagano is known for its soba (buckwheat noodles). Just this lunch, Kazuko-san, my interpreter and Hideaki-san who drove for us, brought me and Shin-a, wife of VP Teddy, to Tokaguchi, a mountain shrine with a forest trail. The place is also known for its soba. We had Ten Zaru Soba - cold noodles served on bamboo (zaru) plate and tempura on the side. It was delicious!!!

Yesterday, we were VIPs all the way! Felix and Grace were friends with the JAL President and he took care of them. Uncle Cecilio and I were only too willing to walk behind as "bodyguards". hahaha... They/We were given preferential treatment. Felix and Grace were upgraded while Uncle Cecilio and I were seated in the front row of the economy class but with business class seats. The flight took 3.30 hours. We were escorted upon check in to immigration and were even given lounge access. When we arrived Japan, someone was tasked to assist us, even getting our luggage for us! Now that's what I call service. It was great since it is Grace's first time to be in Japan, and she's doing so with style. haha...

Outside the airport, we were met by Yuki, who was holding a bond paper with my name on it. She was to accompany us all the way to Nagano. She was very sweet... Kaye, on the other hand, joined us in the Shinkansen from Tokyo to Nagano. She was funny and spoke with an American accent which she claims she learned by watching movies. At each stop, we were met and welcomed and assisted by the Japan COC or the Japan International Affairs. They were very hospitable.

When we arrived Nagano, Tomomi, a volunteer with a British accent, met us and brought us to our hotel along with 2 COCs. Mona, Boydee's interpreter/pa, greeted me at the entrance of the hotel. Then, I went to our room, then went back down to plan the next day's itinerary with them.

We then had dinner with Yuki, Obibi-san and Torizo to Torizo's restaurant specializing in chicken, chicken and chicken. We had chicken appetizer (drumlet simmered with soy sauce), then grilled chicken (yakitori), then chicken omelet and lastly, chicken in hot pot. It was yummy! Dessert of chocolate ice cream with frozen berries on the side was the perfect way to cap the meal. Obibi spent 6 months backpacking in Cainta during his younger days and he still remembers a lot of tagalog words. It's funny that his favorite Filipino songs are from Eraserheads. Usually, foreigners mention Freddie Aguilar's "Anak".

Anyway, we called it a night after that. I felt kinda woozy already. I unpacked, looked for Boydee and we went up together. Worked on his speeches a bit, chitchatted a bit and said our goodnights! :)


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Nongnong said...

It was a nice trip indeed! I was particularly amazed at how you were able to remember those Japanese names! Well, congratulations! They must have been very very happy with you calling them by name!